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Location: South Asia (bordering Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia).

System of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Climate: Tropical

Geographical Region: Central, Northern, Northeastern, Eastern, Western, and South regions

Capital: Bangkok

Official Language: Thai

Currency: Thai Baht, Floating Currency ranging mostly from 30baht – 32baht per dollar

Ethnic Groups: Tai, Chinese, Malay and Khmer

Major Religion: Theravada Buddhism

Common National Traits: Kind, Considerate, Respect Adults


Your arrival in Thailand You will probably arrive by air at Suvarnabhumi International airport. Don’t forget to fill the arrival card from the Thai Immigration Bureau before you land and make sure to keep the departure card which you need to present when leaving the country.

The International Student Center (ISC) provides international students with an airport transfer service to their accommodation. You can also select and book a room before your arrival (see Arrival & Accommodation Form).

Lodging Studios and apartments are readily available around the campus and throughout Bangkok at very affordable price. They are mostly furnished, with attached bathroom, and often provides services such as wireless internet; cable TV; laundry; etc.
Money & Banking All international students receive a bank account and ATM card upon admission. The ATM card is also the student ID card. ATM’s are readily available on campus and throughout the country.Banks operate from Monday to Friday, though some branches located in shopping malls operate even on weekends.
Health Thailand is considered a healthcare destination due to the first-rate, medical services and facilities available and their very competitive cost.There is on-campus first-aid medical service provided free of charge to all students.
Insurance  All students are covered by insurance for accidents. Still students may choose to buy additional insurance to fit their needs. Major international insurance companies are represented in Thailand.
Cost of living Budget-wise Thailand is a very attractive destination: food; lodging; transportation and healthcare costs are very competitive compared to most countries.See the chart for some examples of costs.
Climate  Thailand enjoys a hot climate all year round with temperatures above 30°C.The climate can be divided into 3 seasons: a cool and dry winter (November—February); a dry and hot season (March—June); and a rainy hot season (July—October).
Transportation  All modes of transportation are very cheap. Also, various budget air carriers fly to all the top destinations in the region.Bangkok features an excellent network of public transportation which includes:
·      Mass transit railway system (Sky Train and Underground);·      Buses;·      Trains; ·      taxi·      Boats;·      Motorized tricycle (tuk-tuks).
Visa  International students need to possess a student visa (non-immigrant-ED) to come and stay in Thailand.·      Students are granted a non-immigrant visa valid for 90 days.·      Students with valid academic status can obtain an additional 1-year stay permit, from the date of entry.

·      It’s also possible to extend the non-immigrant visa at the immigration bureau in Bangkok.

Please note that you are expected to report your stay in the kingdom every 90 days. Failure to do so might result fine of 500 baht one day overstay.

For more information, visit the websites Website: www.imm.police.go.th
Eating & Shopping  Thai food is spicy but irresistibly delicious. It is available everywhere, as food is customarily sold at food stall on the street.It’s easy to eat out as there are so many street food stalls. You can as well buy takeaway food or choose to cook by yourself. Markets are easily found and cannot be at a distance to you and fresh ingredients are equally sold at the markets. Several dishes are served and are also available throughout the country, as well as restaurant from virtually all countries and origins.
International fast-food chains ·      KFC·      Burger King ·      McDonald’s·      Subways
Supermarkets ·      Carrefour·      Tesco Lotus ·      Makro·      Food Land
Convenience stores ·      7-Eleven ·      Family Mart
Shopping Mall ·      MBK·      Amauri Plaza ·      Pantip Plaza·      Platinum
Things to Bring  There are really not many things you need to bring along since you can find everything you need in Bangkok. Pack for hot climate and bring us some Specialty goods from your country!
Things to See & Do  The list of things to see and do are many: ·      Visit temples, the Grand Palace, Kayaking shows, Jungle trek and the Death Railways.·      Cultural Places: China town, Cultural Centers, Chao Praya Riverside and floating markets.

·      Beach resorts and islands: Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Hua Hin, etc.

·      Agro– and eco-tourism: located mostly Southern Parts of Thailand.

For more information visit the websites https://www.tripadvisor.com


The office of the International Student Center (ISC) regularly organizes field trips and activities that are designed to let international students get genuine Thai experience. Contact ISC and check its website for more information.