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Siam university students actively participate in voluntary works at the University as well as the society development.

There are several different programs, formed under the voluntary schemes to guide the students on areas of responsibility and management. These programs are developed under university sponsorship to mandate and also to ensure a steady run and maintenance of the volunteering schemes. It’s a compulsory duty for students of SIAM to carry out before their graduation.

The University established these volunteering programs with the aim of training the students to partake in every available means of contributing to the development of the society and also to inflict the students the sense of responsibility and obligation for a better life style. It’s also a way of Charity work rendered by the university through the hard work of the students. Special certificates and accolades are disposed at the end of each program to acknowledge the deeds and hard work of the students and, also to certify that a particular task has been successfully completed.

Recent activities included from the volunteering scheme provided and sponsored by the University for the Students to carry out-

Blood Donation:

  • “Give blood save lives” a Thai campaign for blood donations. SIAM students participate every year in blood donations which are voluntary and out of free will. The devoted students will be taken to the hospitals for blood donations.

Tree Plantation:

  • While here, students travel to remote areas and rural districts on University’s luxurious buses to contribute in cultivating plants and trees for forestry and plantation purposes. This duty normally carries out every year and main targets are freshmen and sometimes sophomore students.

Cleaning Day:

  • Cleaning day is a form of the volunteering task assigned to the students to take part in community responsibilities. This activity is normally carried at the beginning of the academic year by the freshman students.
  • It can also be carried outside the university, mainly government schools.


  • Siam University students participate in several different sport activities. There are sports competitions annually in which students that specialize in any sport compete with other universities on a free will. Awards are given to the students who participate for the University.

Cultural festivals:

  • Cultural festivals are mainly channeled to international students. It’s a free cultural activity offered by the University and sometimes Thai government to the new international students to participate in understanding the cultural shock between Thailand and their home countries. There are several cultural activities performed in the university. In 2010, SIAM set out budget to sponsor other cultural festivals like African Week, Myanmar cultural attires and displays.

Education fair both in and outside the campus:

  • The University runs these activities for independent projects that will benefit the students and contribute to their lives in SIAM. These activities rendered by the university to assist the students in the areas of management roles, networking, communication and relation. The university annually invites several different ambassadors into the university to lecture the students on the areas of diplomacy and the challenges facing the international arena. Also the university sets out English camps for the purpose of sharing knowledge of English skills for the local indigenes.

SIAM believed that by the means of students’ dedication toward “volunteering charities” will help students become good ambassadors in their local communities and, most importantly good citizens of their respective nations.