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Travel to Siam University – Within Bangkok

There are several public transportation means available for traveling around Siam University and Bangkok, which Include taxi, bus, van, motorcycle, Motorized tricycle (tuk tuk), bts (sky train), mrt (underground train) Railway train, etc.

Getting to Siam University from the Airport

By Taxi:

Taxi counters are found in the airport for taxi arrangements for Arrivals. The approximate cost from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Siam University is 300 – 400 baht all costs included.

There are no specific amounts of kilometers measured due to time factors and routes the taxi driver might take.

By Sky Train:

Airport link is found in the Airport on the arrival point. From Suvarnabhumi Station to Phaya Thai Station; interchange with BTS sky train to Siam Station, transfer to Bang Wa Line to get to the Bang Wa Station. The University is around 500 meters away from the Bang Wa Station.

For more information on BTS go to the website at http://www.transitbangkok.com/bts.html

Bus No. / Sign Color Price (Thai Baht) A/C Transverse
7 Red 6.50 N
7 Red, Blue, Yellow 6.50—19 N/Y
84 Red 6.50 N
84 Red/Orange 8—19 N/Y
80 Orange/ yellow 12—19 N/Y
80 Red 6.50 N
91 Orange 11—19 Y
91 Red 6.50 N
101 Red 6.50 N
146 Blue 8 N
147 Pink/Yellow 8—10 N/Y
81 Pink 8 N
509 Orange 11—19 Y
For more information go to http://www.transitbangkok.com/bangkok_buses.html